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As you progress through treatment, some healing occurs along the way. Healing is an important aspect of your journey towards health, it is something to look forward to.

The remedies that are given to you go the core of your being to remove diseases, and as a result your body may experience what we call a healing reaction, it is an attempt for your body to restore balance. It is a sign of the internal healing or repair process, and symptoms are temporary.

A healing reaction is a temporary destabilisation (runny nose, skin rash, a sore throat ….), a worsening of symptoms, or possibly a return of old symptoms that happens approximately in most patients 10-14 days after taking the remedy. It normally lasts 1-4 days. If it has not improved in 3-4 days, feel free to book for a short consultation as sometimes a secondary disease is coming to the surface and needs to be treated separately.

The direction of cure follows some natural principles and as you progress through treatment first we should see a bettering of the emotional/mental state of the patient. Then the direction of a true healing process is as:

From above downward: A physical reaction will tend to move down the body.

From inside outward: Healing happens first internally where internal organs are affected, when the deeper disturbances are healed the disease is being forced out.

In the reverse order of time: As we work through a patient timeline, some old symptoms associated with the time of the blockage or inherited weakness that are being treated for may return, they will this time be temporary as we address them.

Healing is a process and it may take some time to reclaim your health, so be patient with yourself, and enjoy the process of your new found health!